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About Our Clients

We help professionals, businesses and individuals untangle their legal and financial problems.

​Our clients are professionals, business owners, attorneys and individuals who are looking for answers to help solve their legal and financial problems.  Most of our clients are in either an unfamiliar situation or have reached the limit of their expertise and ability in resolving the issue themselves.

They have the desire and drive to resolve their legal and financial difficulty but not the specialized expertise and information they need to move forward.

Do any of these scenarios fit your current situation?

You are an attorney who’s helped a client win a judgment but don’t know how to enforce it? Or, you’ve tried Demand Letters and Debtor’s Exams and come up empty?  The legal profession is full of specializations and no attorney can do it all – sometimes you need specific expertise to achieve success.
You have been approached by a “friend of a friend” with what sounds like a very lucrative “can’t miss” investment or business acquisition opportunity.  All the numbers look right and you think it’s a sure thing but you don’t know the players.  Businesses don’t run on numbers, they run on people.  No matter how solid the plan looks, if the people aren’t trustworthy, how sound is the investment?
Your firm has been around for a few years and in that time you’ve had your share of litigation and have a stack of judgments sitting in your files.  Enforcing them would boost your bottom line but you don’t know where to start.  Trying to sort through old judgments can quickly turn into a time sink if you have no system for separating the good the bad and the ugly. Without a system of evaluation and enforcement in place, you waste valuable resources and throw good money after bad.
You are contemplating litigation but don’t know if the defendant will have the means to satisfy a judgment.   Even if your case is a slam dunk, is it worth it to spend the time, energy and money on going to court if, in the end, the defendant won’t be able to pay?
You’ve heard anonymously that one of your employees may be defrauding your company.  Is it true or just office politics?  Once trust appears to be broken, it’s very difficult to keep things running smoothly.  You need to know if the people you trust to operate your business are acting in the company’s best interests.
You’re an individual who’s been awarded a judgment but the debtor refuses to pay.  You don’t know what to do next.  This is quite common.  The court system awards judgments but doesn’t help you enforce them – that’s up to you.  You may have spent your legal budget on getting the judgment and now don’t have the finances to enforce it.
If any of these sound familiar, please read on.  You are in the right place.  There is help for you here.
Our clients are in an undesirable legal or financial situation which they want to resolve as quickly as possible.  They are motivated to take action but they aren’t sure what to do or what kind of help they really need.  They want honest answers to difficult questions and are not afraid of bad news – their overriding concern is to have all the facts so they can make an informed decision.  If you fit any of the above profiles your situation can be resolved.  I’ve helped many clients deal successfully with legal and financial difficulties.  I can help you find the honest answers you need to make your best decisions.  Give me a call and let’s see if we can work together to help you untangle your legal and financial troubles.